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madman101 in making_it_usa


One great way to shop USA, and shop green, is by buying clothes and goods offered by peeps right here on LJ. So, support them, and advertise here as well.

But you can do ALL you Holiday shopping STRICTLY USA and/or GREEN, by checking out sites like those below! (Note: MAINLY, the first group is all-USA, the second is all-Green).

USA - LARGE LIST OF U.S.A. MERCHANTS - http://www.madeinamericaforever.com
USA - Norton's ALL-AMERICAN goods - http://www.shop.nortonsusa.com
USA - Jeans, etc. - http://www.allamericanclothing.com
USA - THE BEST USA COFFEE - http://www.usacoffeecompany.com/Articles.asp?ID=121
USa - http://www.azurestandard.com - organic/healthy food and products

usa - FAB GREEN STYLES - http://www.fabgreen.com/category/urban-style/
usa - HAPPY HIPPIE: www.happyhippie.com - lists shops, free shipping on many orders
usa - Be a HOT GEEN MAMA! - http://beahotgreenmama.com/
usa - Gaiam, and others - http://shophotshops.com/index.html
uk - http://www.greenmystyle.com/
uk - http://www.gogreen.cellande.co.uk/index.htm

Search and shop GREEN via THE FIND - http://www.thefind.com/main/AboutUs.fhtml
Menards has an annual All-American sale.

Please shop AMERICAN! Ask your friends to join making_it_usa! Bankers and employers don't create jobs, DEMAND does. We can't build wealth and social security by sending jobs and corporations and tax-revenue overseas. We regain our freedoms, and a strong dollar, by creating better jobs right here in the U.S.A.

In addition to this site, there are other sites you might like, helping you buy, sell or trade your crafts. There are sites for evaluating products, questioning consumerism, surviving the holidays, travel, and more! These are relatively new and progressive communities which need your help to make them successful. Don't believe corporate-bought GLENN BECK! Progressives MAKE IT WORK!


Finding economic alternatives:

And, on the subject of money, I heard a FINE synopsis of the dire economic situation, (Michael koolidge Show), mainly concerning THE FED, by Fred Cederholm. In a few days, a 11/30/10 podcast will be available at http://www.koolidge.com/audio.php.

For more: http://www.financialsensearchive.com/editorials/cederholm/main.html


Thinking About Jekyll Island
What has the FED accomplished for the people of Main Street?
QE2 will work no better than QE1. It will endanger the last 5% of the value left from the pre-1913 dollar. It all began on Jekyll Island!
by Fred Cederholm | 11.08.10

Finally, I am posting a little exchange I had in my own LJ, concerning workers overseas vs. jobs here in the USA - posted in COMMENTS SECTION...


MY LJ FRIEND SAID: "DON'T buy everything american when you shop. America has passed all the levels of industrialization and is well past its peak and the benefits it can derive from developing industry. It needs to focus not on improving its domestic industry, but on improving its quality of life (such as issues involving healthcare, education, gender parity, distribution of wealth, etc). Rather than shopping American made only, educate yourself on which developing countries are relying on the income from their exporting industries to build up basic infrastructure and begin providing healthcare and education opportunities to its impoverished citizens. The US is in a downward spiral in terms of industry - it's really not in our best interest to continue manufacturing here, when our strengths lie within "brain" industries and technology. Low-wage, low-skill labor is most beneficial to developing countries, where even the crappiest, lowest paying job means access to basic everyday necessities that were previously unobtainable."

I REPLIED: "That's interesting. Unfortunately, the only means of sustaining an economy which can afford charity is through new manufacturing JOBS - (mainly GREEN) - that is the only way true wealth is created. To take your route would mean relying on more borrowing, and printing money out of thin air. We defintely NEED to invest in brain industries - but if you look at our political system, it runs on MONEY, and enjoys slashing brains, brawn, and quality of life. Until we have a new politics, and a new economics, our only option for creating wealth is by bringing jobs back here. We LOST those jobs not because of natural deindustrialisation, but because of greedy, short term policy mistakes...

I CONTINUED: "How many people are in the world? Almost 7 billion. How many jobs have gone overseas in the last 10 years? At least 8 million, I believe - possibly a lot more. Now, you believe these jobs are going to create more good in an environment of BILLIONS than they do here? We had protections, like LABOUR, to keep wages LIVABLE in this country. Thus workers could spend their money, it would go into services, recirculate through the economy, and do everyone good. Keeping the dollar strong, through related policies, also brought up exports from other countries. Of course, via monopoly exploitations alligned with banker/gov't lenders, there was this little problem called the poor terms of trade", meaning that THAT money made by workers who made the goods exported to us BASICALLY went into owing money to our monopolies.

Since Reagan, our monopolies have been allowed to run free - too big to fail. Today, it is mainly FOR THESE CORPORATIONS that the workers you speak of work. China and India place charges and fees, but these corporations SELL their exports to TWINS of themselves here in this country, thus avoiding paying U.S. taxes and fees.

In a environment of BILLIONS, these poor overseas workers are EXPENDIBLE. They do not have labour, environmental, health, medical, SS, etc, protections. Their wages hardly recirculate in THEIR economies with the wealth-building dynamism as did the wages of our workers, which had those protections. NOW, having to COMPETE with these poor workers wages, brought up by our own BASTARD corporations, we have not only lost labour wage protections, we have lost LABOUR FUNDING OF DEMOCRATIC POLICY-MAKERS - the very people who would LOVE to institute greater welfare for overseas workers. But we can't even help OUR workers now, as Dems get bought of by THE US CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, et al, an we are now threatened with a loss of SOCIAL SECURITY. All for what? For the greed of our own corporations. We don't trade with CHINA - we trade with these greedy TURNCOATS.

Wealth needs to be created ENDOGENOUSLY by peoples in their own countries. Hoping that meager wages overseas will magically introduce them into a new, secure MIDDLE CLASS, and at the rate the world economy is falling apart, is simply FANCIFUL THINKING.

Once those workers lose the little advantages they have in their communities, as OUR dollar falls, and as FOREIGN CURRENCIES fight each other TO THE BOTTOM by devaluing THEIR currencies to keep up EXPORTS, and as our IMPORTING decreases, and their pop increase, and our BASTARD CORPORATIONS can pay even lower wages, then there is no great boot-strap effect for their general populations. Quite the opposite.

Meanwhile, we invest in bubbles which create commodity scarcities for these populations - and their prices get higher. All because we are more invested in greed and FAKE WEALTH than in true productivity and self-sufficiency.

China is attempting to bring more generation of its own products to be used by its own pops. That would be nice. Most experts agree that this is a far greater task than it appears on the surface. And there may not be time for it. China has made much of its wealth by vampirating our copyrights and intelligence. Much of their growth will become stiffled in the future when their innovation naturally slows in the future. And why will that slow? Because they have been, fundamentally, an exogenously-driven economy, with the wealth mainly going to our overseas companies. With a huge expanding population, compared to a handful of urban jobs, their future is not as bright as it seems. EVERYONE needs to produce and buy LOCALLY. And only when that occurs can we step back and build a new economics which can create wealth, and QUALITY OF LIFE, without having to pollute the planet through constantly-growing MANUFACTURING."
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March 2013

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