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Made in America. Bought in America.
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Supporting American-made products & industries; American Independence, and Americans MAKING IT !
Here's how you can buy American.

Here's how you can sell American.

Here's how you can make it in the U.S.A.

You can seek employment here.

You can seek employees here.

You can market your American business or products.

You can sell home-made or co-op-made products.

You can offer ideas and solutions to local and national economic problems.

No illegal activities or companies permitted.

Only ALL-AMERICAN and preferably GREEN products and services.


The Alliance for American Manufacturing, (Scott Paul) - http://www.americanmanufacturing.org

Get Active / SHOP "Made in U.S.A. Forever": http://www.madeinusaforever.com 1/888/861-0365

HOW TO BUY AMERICAN: http://www.howtobuyamerican.com (.org?)

ED SCHULTZ - TV: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/30031533/

ED SCHULTZ - RADIO: http://www.wegoted.com

NORMAN GOLDMAN: http://www.normangoldman.com (email norm@normangoldman.com)

SHOP "Norton USA": http://www.nortonsusa.com (American crafts and goods).

SHOP "Azure Standard": http://www.azurestandard.com (Produce, organic, goods, bulk, etc., 99% American, free shipping for many locations).

SHOP "U.S.A. Coffee Company": http://www.usacoffeecompany.com (U.S., union, green, pro-Veterans, QUALITY coffee from Hawaii).

SHOP: http://www.smartfarms.com (Produce, organic).

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